12 months

January Reduced, Snowman. And our ancestors believed that there is no better month from it, because if January is snowy and cold, then the year will be harvesty, or - if it is cold in January, the whole year will not be hungry. To make it happen, she has to please the angry Babe-Winter , who manages the land in January, and she likes Christmas carols and Christmas banners. From such festive chants her cold heart melts and she softens her icy pressure on dwellings, on winters, on forests and water, January frosts become not so cruel and the Old Year transfers power to the New without a belligerent confrontation.
February This is a special month: in February the days Baba-Winter meets with Spring and quarrels-rages because it does not hurt to lose her frosty ice power over land and waters. It snows, it growls, it frosts to show that it still has the strength; at the same time, whom the day may allow warming and thawing to lull the vigilance of Spring and suddenly strike again with frost. However, in spite of all its efforts, Babe-Winter is no longer resurrected after Sreten, for the Sun goes to Holy Resurrection.
March Mother-Spring instructed her eldest son to start a new business year, and it is not easy to do so, because not all the power over the world has been given by February Baba-Zima then the snowstorm rushes over the fields, then the frost hits the forest waters . And through this March is angry, and here April is coming, demanding its share of power. And in March winter breaks and awakens nature to renew life.
April The eldest son of Mother Spring whose main purpose is to Mother Earth awaken, cover her with the first herb flowers . April himself dresses in green robes, harnesses the horses from the sleigh into a cart, and when the nightingale looks back into the grove, he begins to prepare for the meeting of his little brother-May . In the old days, in Kvitna, they honored the Bereginia, who prayed for the forthcoming harvest, and also performed choirs and sang joyful songs in honor of Lada and her daughter Lelly, so that they would be in order, love and harmony between people, and from that - joy in their souls.
May The youngest and most beautiful son of Mother Spring . He is in love and is constantly admired by the magical goddess Maya - it is for him she is the whole earth flowers-herbs , and the trees cover the color, the forests of Nightingales fade. Therefore, this month was also called "songbook", because in addition to nightingales and other birds, singing is poured, and the cuckoo also "forges" the people of summer. And Yarilo, owner of the Spring Sun, is actively involved in May and worries not only about the first crops, but also invites people to live in love, to be able to love and to be good maternal parents . of their older brothers.
June A mature man, older than his older brothers, and spring brothers in general, young men against him. June comes to people together with Kupala and unites all things on earth on Kupala Night with a holy marriage of water and fire, and also invites people to be purified by soul and body through the prayer of the Lord of the Sun , through the worship of the starry Heaven and graceful summer .
July Middle son of the goddess Leto. He is the summit of summer, because in July and smells of grass, and bird melodies, among which once this year the song of nightingale and cuckoo forging sounds. In addition, July is the busiest month of summer, because it is in July that God Perun most often torments the sky with lightning, purifying the world from all evil and inspiring people to life-giving work and life.
August The younger son of Mother-Summer , as well as the most generous of his brothers, brings to the people the rich gifts of Mother Earth . The August Sun still knows how to be gentle, but every day Toughening: the autumn chill creeps in with the August nights and sometimes lingers until the August mornings, and the closer to the fall - the more often ... From such an onset of the autumn coolness, clearly, the higher August flares. People have always been grateful to the last month of the summer for pantries and logging, filled with abundant supplies that should be enough until the next harvest.
September The eldest son of Mother-Autumn . He is personified by a mature man with a staff whose touch dries the grass. However, the September sun is still soft and gentle, but it is increasingly covered by cold clouds and damp fogs. The symbols of September are the spiderweb of Babi summer, cranberry keys in the high sky when flying south, ripe apples in the gardens and the first golden leaf on the tree.
October Ends the Business Year: One of the last Mother Earth gifts - cabbage - replenishes supplies for the winter. Allowing you to admire the last colors of the year, October covers the ground with leaves or snow. And the sister of October - the Cover covers the girls with a wedding wreath, the ring is given to them by the goddess Lada herself and blesses for love, happiness and faithfulness.
November The younger son of Mother-Autumn , whom she instructs to meet Babu-Zima and her gray-bearded sons. Therefore, he is more attached to his cousin December than his native October, and allows Babe-Winter to snow in the fields and forests. At the same time, Mother-Autumn shortens the days of November to hasten the coming of winter.
December He is more respected by the strict Baba-Winter : he not only assigned a high place to the winter throne, but also handed over a staff that could be frozen in December by whatever he pleased. On the day of the winter solstice, the Christmas of the young Christmas-Sun comes, and on this holiday are declared Baba-Winter , Santa Claus, where they meet Christmas. And on December New Year's Eve, people can thank Heaven for the good of last year and ask for happiness and new good for the year to come.