SKOLMO A complex "SKOLMO" is located on the motorway of Н22 not far away from the settlement of Klevan. To services of guests salt room, sauna with a pool, room of rest, фіто бочка, massage, solarium, entertaining center, free Wi - Fi and free private parking place. On Your choice numbers are built from an environmentally clean wood. Ukrainian kitchen. A complete menu of daily and festive foods, appetizers and drinks of restaurant " of SKOLMO " is the Exclusive bar with unbottled beer of "SKOLMO", that he is cooked after the best Czech traditions, and every drinks.
Klevan castleIdea training center history of the castle originates from the dark ages and is closely linked with the well-known eminent native princes Chartoriysky. Judging by their coat of arms, the origin of the genus is Lithuanian. The coat of arms is a red field on which rides on a white horse to the right rider. He holds in his left hand a shield and in his right a sword. The name "Duke idea training center" was first found in written acts of February 5, 1442, where it is about the distribution of land among the sons of Prince Vasily
Tunnel of Love A few kilometers to the East of the village of Klevan you will find the old railway track. It is a length of 4 km and extends to Orzhevskogo woodworking plant. Along this track for a reason the trees grow. Earlier in the nearby villages housed the military base, the road to which was masked by trees. Their two sides are constantly trimmed, so they started a lot to grow up. After some time, the trees formed a "living corridor". Thus, a kilometer-long segment of the railway strip, there appeared a tunnel.
Peresopnytsya, Cultural and Archaeological CenterPeresopnytsia is a settlement on the river Stubl 25 km from the city of Rivne and 50 km from Lutsk . The name of the settlement comes from the word "spit", "dam". Archaeological finds bear witness to the settlement here of primitive man from the upper Paleolithic. 1. The princely capital of X-XIII centuries. Peresopnytsia is the independent Principality of Kievan Rus and Galicia-Volyn state. The first annalistic mention – 1149 year. Peresopnytska princes according to the chronicle: V. Monomakh, Gleb Yur'evich, Andrey Yuryevich (the pious), Mstislav Yuryevich, Mstislav II of Kiev, Vladimir A., Mstislav Yaroslavich (Dumb), Ivan Mstislavovich, Vasilko Romanovich. The city was destroyed by Mongol-Tatars in the XIV.. the Surviving remains of the princely necropolis Prechistenskaya Orthodox monastery. 2. In this monastery during 1557-1561 gg was created by the national product of Renaissance culture - PERESOPNYTSIA GOSPEL, the first full translation from old Bulgarian language in the ancient Ukrainian Holy Bible