• set meals
    Breakfast №1
    Oatmeal Porridge. Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Syrup. Tea coffee..
    Breakfast №2
    Omelet with bacon. Pancakes (sire, poppy). Tea coffee.
    Breakfast №3
    Scramble Dumplings: cherry, blueberry, strawberry. 90.88грн
    Lunch №1
    Grybnaya ball Cutlet. Potato puree. Buckwheat. Juice / Uzvar. Bread 2 cous.
    Lunch №2
    Ukrainian borscht. Pork chop. Mashed potatoes. Juice / Uzvar. Bread 2 cous.
    Lunch №3
    Chicken soup with lokshinyu. "Svezhina" (pork fried with onions). Home Fried Potatoes Juice / Uzvar. Bread 2 cous.
    Dinner №1
    Salad "Cheese". Homemade sausage. Home Fried Potatoes Bread 2 cous. Tea coffee.
    Dinner №2
    Caesar salad". Buckwheat. Chicken fillet with Tao-Tao sauce. Bread 2 cous. Tea coffee.
    Dinner №3
    Salad "Gretsky". "Svezhina" (pork fried with onions). Mashed potatoes. Bread 2 cous. Tea coffee
  • Sandwiches
    Cheese Sandwich white bread, butter, cheese 60d 15.90UAH
    Baked Ham Sandwich white bread, butter, baked ham 60d 17.60UAH
    Salmon Caviar Open Sandwich white bread, butter, red caviar 60d 23.90UAH
  • Breakfast
    Semolina Breakfast Porridge 260d 29.90UAH
    Buckwheat Milk Porridge 240d 31.10UAH
    Rice Milk Porridge 240d 31.60UAH
    Oatmeal Porridge 240d 28.30UAH
    Banana Oatmeal Porridge 270d 35.80UAH
    1 Fried Egg 1 piece 8.10UAH
    3 Fried Eggs 3pcs 24.50UAH
    Omelette 160d 26.55UAH
    Scrambled Eggs 160d 26.55UAH
    Tomato 30d 7.50UAH
    Pepper 30d 12.50UAH
    Cheese 30d 12.00UAH
    Bacon 30d 14.45UAH
    Onion 30d 4.50UAH
  • Cold appetizers & salads
    Fresh Cabbage Salad 150d 18.30UAH
    Sauerkraut 150d 18.30UAH
    Salted Pickles tomatoes, cucumbers 200d 20.60UAH
    Pickled Apples 100d 15.00UAH
    Healthy Salad red beets, raisins, nuts, sour cream, garlic, cheese, herbs 150g 27.60UAH
    Spicy Tomato and Cheese Appetizer Kolyba (cheese, tomatoes, garlic, mayonnaise) 170d 33.50UAH
    Ukrainian Lard "Salo" 100d 20.50UAH
    Homemade Sausage 100d 39.00UAH
    Cheese 100d 40.00UAH
    Vegetable Salad tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, greens, oil 190d 37.30UAH
    Ham 100d 39.00UAH
    Smoked Bacon 100d 39.00UAH
    Black & Green Olives with pits, without pits 100d 45.00UAH
    Olivier Salad ham, potatoes, boiled eggs, boiled carrots, onions, pepper, peas, mayonnaise, parsley 160d 39.10UAH
    Vegetable Platter tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, greens 150d 34.30UAH
    Greek Salad tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, onions, feta cheese, olive oil, herbs 210d 60.50UAH
    Cheese Salad smoked salmon, cheese, eggs, cucumber, pickled mushrooms, mayonnaise 170d 51.15UAH
    Cossack’s Snack boiled potatoes, bacon, salted herrings, salted cucumbers and tomatoes, sauerkraut 350d 52.75UAH
    Hunter’s Salad beaf tongue, mushrooms, boiled eggs, carrots, peas, mayonnaise, peanuts 150d 44.45UAH
    Caesar Salad boiled chicken, cheese, cucumbers, fresh tomatos, pepper, black olives, croutons, pickled mushrooms, mayonnaise 230d 61.20UAH
    Lublin Salad smoked salmon, cheese, cucumber, pickled mushrooms, peppers, olives, oil 130d 47.65UAH
    Tongue under Mayo beaf tongue, mayonnaise, greens 100d 48.80UAH
    Salted Salmon 100d 95.00UAH
    Herring and Onions 100/30d 33.50UAH
    Marinated Porcini Mushrooms 150d 80.20UAH
    Prosciutto/Jamon 100d 70.00UAH
  • first course
    Chicken Noodle Soup 300d 29.50UAH
    Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup 300d 36.40UAH
    Ukrainian Sorrel Soup made to order 300d 34.60UAH
    Mushroom Soup made to order 260d 45.70UAH
    Meat Solyanka Soup made to order 300d 41.40UAH
  • Hot appetizers
    Pork Cutlets 1piece 14.15UAH
    Homemade Meat Dumplings Pelmeni 100d 20.40UAH
    Dumplings with Potato and Bacon 200d 27.00UAH
    Dumplings with Cabbage and Bacon 200d 27.50UAH
    Dumplings with Liver and Bacon 200d 28.10UAH
    Dumplings with Blueberries 200d 32.00UAH
    Hot Baked Homemade Sausage 100d 39.00UAH
    Polenta Porridge corn, cheese, sour cream, bacon 200d 44.10UAH
    Mashed Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream 200d 42.60UAH
    Meat Pasty Cheburek 1piece 29.00UAH
    Chicken Fillet under Tao-Tao Sauce 100 g 45.35UAH
    Fried Chicken Livers with Onion 200d 38.90UAH
    Pork Cutlet, Potato Puree, Salted Cucumber 300d 46.30UAH
  • Fish dishes
    Fried Patagonian Fish 100d 44.20UAH
    Pan-Fried Carassius 100d 43.00UAH
    Crispy-Fried Carp 100d 43.00UAH
    Pan-Fried Trout (river) 100d 63.00UAH
    Pan-Fried Salmon Steak 100d 104.00UAH
  • pork Dishes
    Grilled Country Style Pork Ribs 100d 38.00UAH
    Bavarian Schnitzel 100d 37.50UAH
    Breaded Pork Cutlet 100d 39.40UAH
    Pan-Fried Pork Chops 100d 38.15UAH
    Grilled Pork Skewers 100d 40.00UAH
    Grilled Pork Steak 100d 49.00UAH
  • beef Dishes
    Beef Skewers 100d 49.00UAH
    Beefsteak 100d 51.00UAH
  • Side dishes
    Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Onion 100d 21.20UAH
    Potato Puree 100d 14.74UAH
    Creamed Rice with Greens 100d 14.80UAH
    Bacon Buckwheat Porridge 130g 14.90UAH
    Risotto 150d 22.70UAH
    Homemade Fried Potatoes 150d 31.50UAH
    French Fries 150d 42.60UAH
    Grilled Vegetables peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn 180d 42.90UAH
  • Banquet menu
    (made to order)
    Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 100d 19.10UAH
    Roasted Cabbage with Garlic 100/20d 15.10UAH
    Meat Jelly 100d 33.30UAH
    Stuffed Potato Casing Portion 200/40 100/20d 23.70UAH
    Black Pudding with Bacon Portion 200/40 100/20d 29.50UAH
    Stuffed Pike 100d 43.25UAH
    Mushroom-Stuffed Eggs 180d 34.90UAH
    Roasted Duck 100d 39.40UAH
    Boiled Crayfish 100d 75.00UAH
    Stewed Rabbit 100d 49.50UAH
    Roasted Goose 100d 39.40UAH
    Jellied Beef Tongue Portion 220 gr 110d 38.23UAH
    Oven-Baked Stuffed Pork 100d 59.20UAH
    Meat Platter Portion of 250 grams homemade sausage, ham, smoked bacon 100d 39.00UAH
    Cheese Portion of 250 grams 100d 42.00UAH
    Fish Platter Portion of 250 grams 100d 68.00UAH
    Salmon Sandwich white bread, butter, salmon 60d 30.65UAH
    Roasted Quail 1piece 80.00UAH
    Grapes 100d 25.00UAH
    Cake 100d 30.00UAH
    Tiramisu 100d 30.00UAH
  • Desserts
    Fruit Salad 150d 25.00UAH
    Ice Cream 100d 21.10UAH
    Ice Cream with Fruit
    140d 26.50UAH
    Ice Cream with Fruit Syrup 100d 25.15UAH
    Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup 100d 20.55UAH
    Filled Cottage Cheese Pancakes 100d 21.90UAH
    Filled Poppy Seeds Pancakes 100d 26.40UAH
    Filled Blueberry Pancakes 120d 29.95UAH
    Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Syrup 100d 28.25UAH
    3 in 1 Pancakes cottage cheese, cherries, poppy seeds 200d 30.70UAH
  • Fruits
    Apples 100d 10.00UAH
    Oranges 100d 15.00UAH
    Bananas 100d 15.00UAH
    Grapefruit 100d 15.00UAH
    Lemons 100d 20.00UAH
    Kiwi 100d 15.00UAH
  • Fresh Squeezed Juices
    Grapefruit 0.1 g 41.30UAH
    Orange/grapefruit 0.1 g 37.50UAH
    Lemon 0.1 g 40.00UAH
    Orange 0.1 g 41.20UAH
    Orange/Lemon 0.1 g 46.25UAH
    Apple 0.1 g 25.00UAH
  • Sauces
    Sour cream 100g 15.00UAH
    Horseradish Sauce 100d 12.00UAH
    Mustard 100d 10.00UAH
    Ketchup 100d 10.00UAH
    Tao-Tao 100d 25.00UAH
    Mayonnaise 100d 10.00UAH